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Write Your Own Book

Write Your Own Book

Learn How to Write a Book in 30 Days or Less

Many of us dream of writing a children's book and allow our doubts and insecurities to get in the way. It seems like a monumental task, at times, destined for geniuses or those with tons of time on their hands.

Fortunately now there is a book that can show you how to:

- Come Up with Fresh Story Ideas When Your Idea Well has Been Tapped Dry

- Invent story lines that will have kids cheering for more

- Discover intriguing characters that will make your stories fresh and exciting and learn how to put them on paper easily

- Create the time you need to have an entire book completed in 30 days or less

and much, much more.

How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less

is for anyone with the dream of writing a children's book. It is for the parent that barely has 30 minutes a day to sit and relax. It is for the working mom that has loved creating stories for her kids but never found the time to write them down. And for the grandparent who has read stories to his grandchildren and thought, "I know I could write better than this."

Whether you are just starting college or beginning to enjoy your retirement,you can learn how to write a book today. This book can get your dream of writing a children's book started and, more importantly - finished in 30 days or less!

"This handy resource offers some great advice on writing your first (or next) masterpiece. You'll find tips on how to get past procrastination, studying the market, age groups, stopping your inner critic, how to start your story with zing, creating incredible and believable characters, creating dialogue, keeping your readers interest and much more! "

Christinia Lewis - KidsBookshelf.com

Today is your day to change your own future and that of a child. Stop procrastinating and write your own book today. It's easy. This book shows you how - step by step.

To get your copy of How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less click below and write a book today! Make your dream a reality.

Write Your Own Book Now